Sumerian Stargate?

Back in the 1920s, a stargate was allegedly uncovered underground in Baghdad, Iraq.

According to popular belief, Iraq was once “The Garden of Eden”. Iraq also marks the home of the ancient Sumerians who held strong beliefs relating to interdimensional travel and may indeed hold the key to human creation. It has been theorized that there are still stargates buried in the sands of Iraq.

Dan Burisch, an area 51 employee, claims a stargate in Iraq does exist, and confirms the accusations that the Iraq war was a cover to acquire it.

Akkadian Seal Impression (2340-2180 BC)

This Sumerian cylinder seal depicts Gilgamesh’s journey beyond the gates at the end of Earth guarded by doorkeepers tending ringed (or ringing) posts. He met Utnapishtim (the Sumerian Noah) at the source of the waters of immortality.

Depiction of a Sumerian God Entering Earth Through a Gateway

In this scene we see two guards flanking an entrance to a gateway in which a third person makes an entrance (or exit). The two guards hold devices, poles with flat tops, which could have served an astronomical purpose.


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